ACTFL 2010 Workshop-Boston
Theisen Tech workshops
21st Century Tools to Teach, Learn, Collaborate and Advocate for Languages

21st Century Learning-Participate here.

Polleverywhere:Use you cell phone to text response.
WallwisherLeave your thoughts, add your favorite links, ask questions, tell about your experiences integrating tech into the classroom on this post-it note toolToday's Meet: Share your experience and learning at the conference
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Share your favorite tool and tell how it enhances student learning.
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Professional wikis
French4Students'wikispaces as their online portfolios
Loveland, CO-La Réole,France
Loveland, CO-Matamata, New Zealand French wiki
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Workshop handout

Bloom's Taxonomy:external image pdf.png Bloom questioning 2009.pdf

Agenda-What is learning in the 21st century?
Welcome and Introductions
Welcome and Introductions
  1. Twitter (hashtag: #actfl10), Wallwisher, Today’s Meet-being an active member of the workshop
  2. What does 21st Century Learning? Theisen presentation
  3. ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards for students, teachers and administrators
  4. Exploring videos, articles, websites and other teachers’ Wikispaces linked to 21st century learning (Part 1 and Part 2)
Explore and create
  1. Make a Wordle or other word cloud
  2. Make a Piclits
  3. Make a Toondoo
  4. Make a Voki or Voxopop
  5. Play with Polleverywhere and other polls, surveys and cellphones
  6. Play with Vocaroo
  7. Play with Blabberize, Fotobabble, Buildyourselfwild
  8. Play with Face-in-Hole Photofunia
  9. Play with Google maps in other languages
Share your favorite tool on a Google Doc with your team

Five Questions for Planning Successful Web-Based Activities
1. What is the curriculum related purpose of the activity? The outcome or assessment should be aligned to your lesson objectives and standards.
2. Does the Internet tool enhance the activity? If the answer is no, find a more appropriate place to integrate the web.
3. How will students use the online resources? Once students locate information, they should be asked to apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, or create. The activity should require them to move to higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.
4. Do students have necessary information analysis/information synthesis skills or am I including these in instruction? The project should not become simply an exercise in locating information. Students must have the necessary background knowledge and pre-requisite skills to complete higher level tasks or these must be included in instruction prior to the web-based learning activity.
5. Do I have the necessary time and support for the activity? Double your original time estimate and always have access to technical support to resolve problems efficiently.

Quick Reference List

word clouds
Wordle, Wordsift, ImageChef Word mosaic
TagxedoABC Ya Word Cloud
making movies
Animoto/Edu, Slide.comStupefix, Xtranormal:One True Media
PhotoPeach Domo AnimateGoAnimateDoink
Share and Publish Documents
ScribdSlideshareIssuu publishing format tool
avatar video podcast
Voki, FotobabbleBlabberize
Vocaroo, Yodio, Voxopop
ToondooMake Believe Comix
Free Internet calls/Skype
Google Docs, Google maps in other languages, Google Earth
Writing books/Storytelling
MixbookBookr Storybird: Zooburst popup books
Issuu-publish StoryJumper
podcasts/video podcasts
Vocaroo MailVu
BackChannel feedback
Today's meet, Wallwisher, Backnoise
Linoit (like wallwisher), Chatzy
Collaborating tools
Primary Pad Edistorm brainstorming
iEtherpad real-time collaborating tool, Titan Pad collaborating tool
Pirate Pad, Scribblar
Piclits, BeFunky: BuildyourselfwildFaceinHole Big Huge Labs
Flickr Poet
Quizlet Funnel Brain
Make charts
Make diagrams and flowcharts
diagrams and flowcharts
Text to speech
Vozme: available in Italiano| Hindi| Português| Català| Español|English
Web Wardrobe-closet of web tools
easy event scheduling
Convert media files online
from one format into another
Online converter
Connecting with others
Creating rubrics
Create a PDF file from a webpage
Takes notes and access on
computer anywhere
Write a newpaper: Create a newspaper from a Twitter Hashtag or follow a Tweeter
Want to share text with your friends?
Paste it here and give them a link.
Just Paste It
Embed any doc, ppt in website
Possible Money Resource
National Teacher Registry
Cool Tools for School
web 2.0 tools for schoolWikispaces to explore